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A wound so deep

a feeling so profound,

tears of complete sadness rolling down my eyes.

I care for you,

I connect deeply to your heart.

I see you suffer

and I feel as if it is I who is going to die.

You are manipulated, abused,

used and pushed around.

Your are barbarically killed and then cannibally cut.

You are tossed as if you did not have a soul.

You are treated as a commodity

in a land of greed and consumption.

You are consumed and eaten ravenously,

packaged as if you were an object devoid of life.

They've mistreated you so badly that

they won't even let your bones rest in peace

and return to the soil.

Your beautiful image is mocked and advertised

as if they had any right to mess with the divine.

You are the victim of a society devoid of true love.

You are the victim of a crowd totally disconnected from their souls.

You are a victim of the hatred and blindness of their hunger.

You suffer, and I suffer along.

You are mocked, and I am being mocked.

They kill you, and they kill my soul.

I feel for you,

I cry for you,

I bleed with your pain

and suffer everything they do to you.

But I have to be stronger and live,

I have to stick around and speak.

I have to take action and do.

I have to be here for you.

I have to defend your very right to live.

I have to give my life for you.

I have to write on your behalf.

I have to forgive myself for never doing enough.

And in this pain, and holding tight to my wounded heart

as I see your body fighting to live and finally surrender

and helplessly collapse

as tears are rolling down my eyes

and I see your soul leave your dead stabbed corpse

I make you a promise to put an end to all this abuse.

I take a bow of commitment to fight for your entitled rights.

I give you my word that this is going to stop.

I guarantee you that I will do everything in my hands

to return to you and all your fellow animals

your entitled right to simply live and be.

In the meantime,

I cry and I look in disbelief at what I see people do and eat.

Meanwhile I suffer along with you

and I feel every beat of your heart and pain as if it was mine

and it hurts so badly and I keep crying disconsolately and sorrowfully.

Before, I totally break down.

Please let me apologize on behalf of this heartless crowd.

There is no excuse I can give you for their actions.

But if it helps at all, I'd rather forgive them and

believe that they do not know what they are doing

than carry a burden of hatred in my already wounded heart.

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One day you are a brother,

the next you forget another.

Hypocrisy reigns man's heart

and blinds his spiritual sight.

How many times have you sinned

by limiting the ever full expression of Love?

How many lives have you disobeyed

the wise teachings of your soul?

Face yourself naked,

show tour intimate thoughts to all.

Realize your true nature,

recognize the God dwelling within your heart.

integrating and compassionate life in ways that work for each of us.

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There is a need for love and peace in all of us.

There is a call to be responded to within our lives.

There is a time to look inside and reach within.

There is a time when living becomes the most precious gift.

I have seen all the faces of pain,

I have experienced the highest pleasures...

But what is really there?

I observe the crowd and want to cry;

I do not want to accept that I am that.

People are drinking away all their emptiness,

trying to fill the open gaps with alcohol and drugs.

Victims of their habits many have lost all self-respect.

I look at their eyes and see a tormenting whirlwind of thoughts.

Where are you all heading?

Does any of you have a goal?

Don't you have something your want to live for?

What is the meaning of all this show?

For many it is just being actors deceived in a role.

It is a crime to deny your divine nature,

it is heart-breaking to see the rejection of the One Soul.

Please Lord hear my prayer, I want to help them see the Beyond.

I wish to grab them and shake them, tell them the true essence lying in it all.

I want to reach out and proclaim the only secret of life,

but I still remain silent contemplating the scene,

watching all these people live without any sort of passion.

If I could only shout out what awaits them on the other side.

Time means nothing when there is a purpose for your existence,

your fly through it all, knowing the final results.

Dressed in your appealing fashionable gowns you have nothing to give.

But with your faith you have everything to surrender and everything to conquer.

Love, give...

Before it is too late,

before you forget the art of living.

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Today I woke up early, very early as usual,

at that magical moment when the sun takes over

with its shining beauty and the moon humbly retires until the night.

I woke up early with the singing birds

and the trees yawning and stretching their branches towards the sky.

I woke up early before the crowd starts moving and the city

still holds some of the scents from the blooming flowers of the night.

I woke up early before the cars would start running

and contaminate my air with more pollution

and invade my silence with their loud expensive engines,

as they drive their way to daily slavery.

I woke up early, and set up for my sacred ceremony of reading some poems from

a fellow traveler whose heart has been bravely poured into his art.

I took a deep breath and tasted the moment before opening the first pages

and gave thanks for having the pleasure of reading something pure.

Something that had not been censored, had not been restricted and

had not been polished by some editor filled with self importance who

biased by his vested interest to sell a million copies

would give up the soul of his art in exchange for an extra dime.

I am taking pleasure and time in reading each word.

Each line comes in and bypasses my brain

shooting straight to my soul.

Like a powerful bullet, each verse

travels directly to my heart.

These are not just any poems. This is not just any man.

This is a true artist, one of those, that are lately so hard to find.

I take a breath and reflect on these poems...

They truly reveal the darkest wounds hidden in all people's hearts.

Everybody is so busy running their race to nowhere

that they've never taken a second to stop to look inside and listen in

to their souls whispering thoughts of truth and revealing inspiration.

They have never taken the time to look at the clouds

and figure out if the sun is really going to shine.

I am happy to get to read these poems, they give me hope...

They give me faith and an eager desire to continue my path.

I am so grateful for his sharing this insightful masterpiece of art.

It is a source of incredible inspiration for somebody who is used to walking a solitary path,

always pushing against the main stream of the busy crows.

Somehow, one never seems to find the ears that listen and the eyes that see.

There is no rapport to be established when everybody is illiterate and ignorant

to the most wonderful language of the heart.

This is a book of poems that triggered many tears of sadness from a wounded soul

of another fellow poet whose words so often fly to the skies and echo right back

the rejections from a city of cement and rush,

never landing anywhere fertile, forever drying out

and never reaching the soil to take seed, grow big and shine.

These poems have been read by another poet,

who cries her heart through her sincere verses to cope with the pain caused by

this spinning world of deception, egotism, hatred and frustration.

All this reality comes beautifully wrapped in a perfect veil of illusion,

yet nobody seems to notice it due to a big global cataract

that has blinded everyone's inner sight.

But when one can see through it, one gets to live in the greatest bliss of another sphere,

yet one has to pay the toll of being a witness for such universal blindness and

take at heart the deepest wounds of our society, our earth, and our bleeding sense of love.

Humbling job, rewarding at times, specially when you soar high above the skies,

yet other times it can be too disheartening, draining and painfully devastating.

For me the act of writing is like waving a white flag

on behalf of our cruel humanity and at least it buys me some piece of mind..

What would it be if it was not for the poets,

the artists, the painters, the sculptors,

the real poor who live with the truth imprinted in their hearts?

What would it be if it was not for the writers of the centuries

who've taken the courage to grab a pen

and reveal themselves naked, exposing the secrets behind the heavy screens of this fake world.

Will the blind herd ever know?

Will they ever see to read our poems?

Will they ever comprehend the meaning of any of our words?

I do not have the answers but today I am exhilarated because I read your poems and

now my heart shines more

and my soul is happy to have been fed something insightfully nutritious.

Thank you, my friend the poet.

Thank you, for sharing your heart and

thank you for exposing what most people choose to hide.

Dedicated to an incredible poet and artist : Alexander

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Perhaps some more time needs to go by,

but it is just a matter of time.

All things come to us,

it's just a matter of patiently waiting for them

to materialize in front of our eyes.

Today I give away my best smile,

I welcome and seize one more day of my life,

a day full of grace, a day which we often take for granted

and overlook as we fly right by it.

I am here, that's true.

But at the same time I am not.

How can one attempt to explain with limiting words

the deepest feelings of the heart?

I live somewhat distant,

isolated from all of them,

all of them who are here but they are not being.

Sometimes I wonder if it is not the other way around:

and they are living and being and I am the one who is not.

I feel every thing is transitory,

as if I was saying good bye to each single existing thing.

Not a farewell full of resentment

but one filled with love and deep emotion.

I know that this does not belong to me,

in a way it never belonged to me at all.

I should belong elsewhere,

and that's where I am now eagerly heading.

I'm not quite sure where,

but my place is certainly not the one

where I find myself at this very moment.

It's as if certain voices in the background were calling me,

I'm not quite sure. it might be a song...

It all started like a vague and almost imperceptible echo,

now it is a complete convolution of voices, a whole choir imploring me to follow.

Today they call me screaming, yelling their lungs out, and I answer without reasoning.

I can hear the loud screaming voices and feel them taking roots inside my very being,

I cannot stop them... I'm still here, but I know that I am soon leaving.

I have to go and answer this urgent call.

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Canoeing away through mountains of faith,

reaching skies that never cease to shine

touching the fire that burns all desires...

Blissful state of divine awareness,

all questions answered,

all wishes gone in the air...

A billion songs whispered in an island of sounds.

A million poems written by the living hearts.

All the wisdom sitting on mother earth.

The brilliant moonlight illuminating the site.

The appearing sunlight awakening the birds

and enhancing the scent of the blooming flowers.

Silence comes,

songs rest and poems go on...

All these surroundings inviting guests to settle in the dawn.

Tracking down lost souls,

giving refuge to the cripple and the blind.

All the universe spinning around a full moon.

All the world dissolved in the light...

My body gone, in the wind of the unknown.

My soul praying to bring all the living

back to where they belong.

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Learning the universal language

climbing stairs of time.

Touching with warm hands

all the sacred grounds.


Looking at the clouds

levitating up to a powerful site.

Painting over with smiles the sadness

of those lonely ones.

Embracing the world with a magic hug,

welcoming everyone with wide open arms.

Coloring with brightness the darkness

of the solitary hearts.

Giving joy to the strangers,

holding hands with beggars,

feeding the hungry,

satisfying the unhappy ones.

Forever spreading sunshine,

eternally giving joy of life,

as a true spiritual present to everyone.

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Look at the world

with the wonders of a child.

Set out to discover the universe occult

to the spiritually blind.

Wonder about the answers of the mysteries of life.

Get lost in the laws and dynamics of nature,

as you let yourself go with the tide.

Learn to love change and everlasting mutability,

to harmonize with the rhythm of the Whole.

Grow roots of movement

and petals of love.

Understand the incomprehensible

and read through the light of the enigmas.

Recover an abandoned wounded plant,

heal the impossible with the unbeatable power of your heart.

Learn endurance from the wise teachings of nature,

accept those lessons and let them help you bloom to all your soul's potential.

Commune with all of nature

and feel embedded in its endless boundless love

like a peaceful child in the womb of eternal life.

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Are you dead? Or Are you alive?

A mass of contradictions

disturbing your heart.

Let your eyes see

what they crave to observe.

Let your ears listen to

the concerts they wish to hear.

Let your whole body embrace and melt

into the universe it desires to touch.

Let your innocent smile

illuminate the darkness of a moonless night.

Let yourself get lost

in the fullness of living Nature,

in the wisdom of perfect change,

in the art of purely and absolutely BEING.

Look, listen,

stop all activity.

Give in to the living without

expectations, without further thoughts,

without fears, without considerations.

And finally contemplate in that divine silence

the sacred spectacle of all

disclosing in an ongoing development of an eternal growth.

Look, listen, observe

and let your heart melt into the most encompassing peace

devoid of contradictions or conflicts,

devoid of unnecessary worries.

Let your soul gradually dissolve into the whole,

as it accomplishes its journey back home.

Look, listen, observe...

You might be surprised to find a heavenly paradise

behind the closed windows of your eyes.

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Watching in silence

seeing through the clouds

the sun that is always there,

omnipresent spirit of Light.

Luminous source of infinite power,

guide of our thoughts and mind,

witness of all our actions,

teacher of our hearts,

master of those brave and courageous souls

surrendered to its light.

The light that was created

before any light existed,

before time, before us,

before, before the father sun.

Bright lightness of being nothing,

euphoric feeling of an exciting climb.

The Spirit widens with every ascension

as the soul contemplates in sublime adoration

the encompassing view that includes

all the pictures ever imagined,

all the winds, all the animals,

all the plants,

all the smells,

all the sounds,

all the things existent and non-existent

on, in and out of this land:

A multicolor scene

born by a silent and tender smile.

The previous state of lethargy

is taken over by that sacred lightness

that invigorates the soul.

The Spirit contemplates with devotion

the emptiness of all material form,

the body now nonexistent:

dissolved into ALL.

One with every Spirit,

One with every Soul.

Everything taking a spiral step forward

in this quest for the Highest Summit

of an infinite million of dying selves,

of an infinite million of reborn souls. Verónica Muñoz

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Millions of faces

thousands of souls;

all united,

begging for an extra dose of LOVE.

Flashes of light

illuminating the unknown,

darkness dissolving

into the clarity of one's still thoughts.

Empty minds,

empty bodies,

naked souls.

All that remains is the essence that breaths life

in and out of the Whole.

Fading images,

fading sounds,

just a vacuum

floating in the infinite immensity

of this absolute nothingness.

Existence becomes an ethereal unfolding movement;

one huge wave in the ocean of eternal life,

giving a dancing tone,

bringing music of joy and

sounds of beauty:

from all the rivers,

from all the lakes,

from all the creeks,

from all the shores,

from all the coasts,

from ALL,


which is simply simplicity and love.

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Today I saw a man with a gun in plain daylight at the park

and I could not believe my eyes.

I was walking my dog in the beach

carrying a heart full of joy and peace.

As I encountered the man and his gun

I took a close look at his eyes

and bravely held my posture and my smile.

In a matter of seconds I saw my whole life spinning around

and showing me in speed motion the full circle of my life:

all the things done from my birth to my present day

and all those other things still waiting in line.

As I courageously prepared my heart for my fateful death

I looked around and raised my sight up to the sky,

asked for forgiveness for any harm ever done

and apologized to the Divine for all the mistakes of the past.

I cleansed my body and soul from the burdens of my time

and gracefully opened my heart to embrace my last day with a relative peace of mind,

yet wishing that I would get a second chance,

just to complete those last things that were down in the list,

faithfully waiting for their turn,

always pushed behind.

As I ran with all my might in an attempt to save my life,

expecting to be shot at any minute right from behind

I could feel my heart still tightly grounded to this land...

Needless to say, I was never shot

yet my experience was as powerful as if I had actually died.

A few days later I learned that the man was holding a plastic gun,

yet to me it still felt as if I had gone all the way to the other side

and as if I had been granted one more chance.

I ought to thank the man with the plastic gun,

for his encounter forced me to toss my dreams and soul up in the air

and they landed right into my heart with a quite different shine.

I have to thank the man with the gun, for after that day,

my priorities were magically set right.

And sometimes we still wonder why certain things happen to us...

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As I walk my path through this land

I observe, I taste reality and indulge in

the ever so subtle changes of everyday life.

I take a close look at all the little things we do

and those we do not ever carry out.

I listen to the various sounds and the concerts at the park.

I sit by my favorite rock

and watch the ducks dive into the lake with the confidence of a shark.

On my way to the beach I don't miss a single thing,

I take pleasure in waving hello to the keepers of the park

and this gives unreasonable joy to my heart.

I also come across many expensive shinny cars and

men wearing their dried cleaned Armani suits to their jobs downtown.

With a full porta folio, the coffee mugs and the cell phones held tight in their hands.

I see them come and go in rush hour and hit the gas as if they were on their way to the sky.

I look at their eyes and can only find tiredness and a vague sense of resignation.

And I only but wonder if they've ever questioned who they are.

Filled with self importance they carry on with their businesses and play the games of the Gods.

As if prestige, fame and social status would impress the humble hearts.

Afraid to wear a badge of love, truth and compassion

they never stop to think twice on the meaning of life or

on the reasons behind their never-ending dissatisfaction.

Much later, I hear a woman screaming hysterically at another brother,

giving him hell for having his dog lick her shoes.

In spite of all this I keep walking, finding hope

in the peaceful sight of green trees and late summer butterflies.

All of a sudden, I spot a man trying to make friends with an animal from the wild.

This makes my heart bloom and my eyes shine.

There is hope after all...

Perhaps humanity is capable of producing random acts of kindness

and of expressing infinite gestures of love...

Perhaps, it is not too late and there is hope after all...

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This is the price we pay for our freedom,

we wish and fervently dream to reach one of our highest ideals...

We search for the means to manage to achieve it,

The path is not easy and can be rough and tough,

but the only way to succeed is to follow it

in spite of all rising fears and doubts.

Life is not easy when one always keeps looking backwards,

the road gets all covered up in smog and one gets stuck.

In such times, it's convenient to raise one' sight

and look ahead and project oneself at random to life.

There will always come a day when one shall reach peace and trust.

The path is not simple, so one must be ready to embrace all available guidance.

Even when obstacles suddenly appear as we march,

we can always overcome them, as long as we discover an open gap

to enable the continuation of our most sacred path.

Enough of complaints and sadness!

Today the sun must shine its best smile!

We only need to fill our hearts with hope

and the most incredible light shall show us the way beyond the clouds.

The sun blinds the eyes of the mind when it starts to shine

and all our wounds and sorrows vanish away

giving room to the most soothing peace, harmony and love.

Pain takes over and tears us apart with the force of an incredible flood

only when we block our inner sight and abruptly close our hearts.

Pain only gains control when we refuse to accept

that all crises, ruptures and changes;

in turn, generate a miracle and give us the assurance of a divinely eternal faith.

Fight all the evils as you climb up. Walk with sublime confidence your ascending path.

Open your eyes little child.

Allow your wide opened black eyes to see what is shining on the other side.

Release all the chains enslaving your heart, that today the sun is appearing at the horizon

and it shall never stop shining. It shall eternally be a divine guidance along your path.

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You told me that you love cooking,

you expressed that for you its an art.

I told you to dedicate more of your life force

and completely dive into that.

You told me there is no money in that industry,

I told you that you must have lost your mind.

You'd rather worship the stock market

than speculate with the desires of your heart.

Victim of a system, blind to what is essential in life.

You told me that you'd rather spend your days kissing asses,

climbing the promotion ladder and gaining more prestige and recognition,

earning more money to buy larger houses

that you'll never have the time to make into a home.

You'd rather keep feeding you ego with empty prizes and awards

than commit your life to the fulfilment of your soul.

Those are just excuses,

I do not believe that you can be happy while deceiving your soul!

Do not tell me anymore of your success stories,

I do not want to hear anymore of your splendid accomplishments in the business world.

You do not impress me with your titles,

you do not intimidate me with your money and power,

you do not deceive me,

you cannot possibly buy your happiness and joy.

I can only but feel extreme compassion and sadness

for the outright betrayal done to your soul,

I can only feel compassion for your arrogant ignorance.

Go ahead, play the rules of your game.

I'll sit right here and watch you from the other side.

Continue carrying out your astonishing transactions.

Go ahead, sell your soul to greed, money, sex and parties.

I will just stay here and watch.

I'll meet you in a few years,

I'll see you in a few centuries,

I'll talk to you again when your heart is willing to hear

and you remove that fake shield of yours.

In the meantime, I shall stay here,

watch, observe you blend in with the mass.

I shall stay here and keep smiling,

keep pouring into this world my happiness

in the hope of seeing your soul flourish and your heart shine.

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