YOGA IS HEALTH FOR YOU!

                  Regular yoga practice promotes:

  • Relaxation
  • Mental & Physical Stress release
  • Good posture, flexibility and elasticity
  • Stretching and massaging of all body and organs
  • Concentration
  • Calmness and stillness of the mind & worries
  • Inner introspection
  • Confidence and stamina
  • Improved digestion & functioning of internal organs.
  • Self-control
  • Revitalization of body & longevity
  • Radiant appearance
  • Balance & harmony in body and thoughts
  • Union of body, mind and spirit
  • A sense of well-being and overall peace.


Courses available Privately &

through Parks and Recreation - Town of Orangeville at the Alder Center and Tony Rose

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Now offering the following Main Courses:


* YOGA FOR KIDS:(Ages 4 to 11)Starting yoga when young gives children the best foundation in life. With their natural flexibility & sense of balance they find it easy to adopt postures making rapid progress in their stretching and flexibility while having fun. All postures, which are named after animals are accessed by following story-telling and exciting instructions, which stimulate their imagination, concentration and interest making the sessions dynamic, interesting and fun!

* PRENATAL YOGA: This session is tailored for the entire pregnancy by introducing modified postures to suit the special needs of pregnant women and prepare the body with special adjusted breathing, concentration and physical exercises which will equip mothers-to-be with breathing tools, inner & physical strength to assist them in having an easier & more comfortable delivery. Helps you avoid overweight problems, stretch marks and backache! It creates a safe, peaceful and healthy environment for your baby to grow in!


*YOGA FOR MOMS AND BABES: This interactive class including babies 3 months and up help mom and babies enjoy a Yoga Routine together which is mutually enriching, fun and bonding. Asanas accomodate including babies in postures or chanting, singing along as you move along in your practice to include your little bundle of joy. A beautiful dance of love to enjoy with your baby as you get a chance to breathe and stretch!


* GENTLE YOGA: This session is ideal against all excuses! But I am too fat, too old, too stiff, too…! It provides a safe & gentle environment for introducing you to the practice of yoga at any age and under any condition by focusing on making the class easier, slower and allowing for adjusting postures to suit your needs, problems or shortcomings. Yoga is about self-acceptance & self-loving, it is not competitive or forceful. This is yoga for YOU! Participating in a relaxing yoga class gives you the opportunity to reap the benefits of yoga at your own pace within you own capacity with non-strenuous & peaceful poses.


* CORPORATE YOGA: Yoga for the Office and executive settings done on chairs. Easy, fast and practical stress reduction techniques for your office. Acquire effective tips to release neck, back and arm tension while working at the office at the convenience of your own chair right in front of your desk. No changing to a sports outfit, no sweating, no running to class late, no mats required. Learn simple, hands-on yoga inspired exercises that you can do in 5 to 10 minutes every day sitting right on your office chair. This class will teach you how to recover your energy when the afternoon nappy attack hits you and it wll bring your work production to optimal performance by applying convenient breathing and stretching techniques which in matter of seconds will leave you replenished and invigorated to excel for the rest of your work day!


* OPEN CLASSES: For all levels for those with previous yoga experience and also beginners.


* PRIVATE YOGA CLASSES: at your home, time and convenience. Personalized Yoga to suit your own needs: individual, couples, children, seniors, family, prenatal, special needs and care.


* YOGA THERAPY: Applies the five main principles of yoga to help you relieve and overcome your physical, mental, spiritual problems.

* YOGA HIKES : Come outdoors to join me in the great outdoors! Yoga Hikes involves hiking in the Hockley Valley Provintial Park Reserve, the Bruce Trail, Mono Cliffs and Island lake depending on the groups you choose to join in, allowing intervals every once in a while to do yoga stretches, postures, breathing exercises & meditation by the peaceul natural surroundings or by the river. Contact: for more info or to register!

* YOGA BY THE RIVER: All Yoga Levels courses in the Spring and Summer by the Nottawasaga River on 3rd Line EHE, MONO - HOCKLEY VALLEY



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