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LIFE ON PURPOSE by Veronica Munoz


The time is ripe, the time has come, the call is urgent, to come forward, to act with conviction, with tenacity, with charisma, with the guidance of in-tuition, fearlessly to the beat of the soul which guides one along carrying out in action the vision.

The world is desperately begging, the world is crying for healing to those wounded spirits; the world is suffering from the complete void prevailing the crowds, the needy, the homeless, the rich, the poor, the bleeding hearts: all are in sync crying out for help, crying out loud!

The call is clear, pristine, the time is now and all those open hearts are ready to receive the message of personal conscious responsibility as each partakers of this global creation towards freedom of mind, body and spirit, towards integration beyond all differences, towards global unity, peace and love with honor and reverence for ourselves, our brothers and sisters, our global family, our land, all other sentient beings, all of creation and the spirit in all of the above which equals to be-ing in love with the creator above all and therefore with it ALL.

The global wounded audience is begging as if in deep desperation and the ones asked to reply to this urgent emergent cry of hopelessness are to come forward to light up with the personal offerings, gifts and talents of their individual and unique creations the global craftmanship of civilazation to build a world of equality, compassion and harmonious love. These people hearing the calling from within are coming erect and standing strong, setting their ideals and higuer visions in motion loyally and devotedly as if asked to each become a great source of empowering torch bearers, ligueters of the most important fire the one sitting within the human heart which can only be fed with the flames of a deep and direct connection to spirit, to the seat of the soul.

These torch bearers are to come forward and respond loyally and with unblending conviction in response to their requested mission and with willing obedience embrace the only choice-less path which will lead humanity to the light, to embracing the source and moving force which set all our dreams ( so-called illusions) in motion towards global and universal peace and understanding all bound by the only one gluing ingredient which conquers all: unconditional love amongst all people, nations, leaders, beings and it all.

This is being shared in all humbleness. The words are coming from a place beyond "my self" and "my ego", These words are not "veronica" as my own separate self; but on the contrary they are coming from the one Motherly and Protector Soul which lives and dwells in each and everyone of us if we just tune in and carefully and fearlessly listen and willingly and obediently align our actions and practical lives to that.

These past months have been very spiritually awakening for me and the voices are coming clearer than ever before. I have been tuning and listening in to the world of spirit since being a little child. I held within in secret and wrote and hid away or burned in fear at times all the words of wisdom poured to me from a place beyodn my reach or understanding but which set my only devotion and reason to live since that young age of 3 where the only one who could hold me and believe my words was my unconditionally loving Mother Nature.

Now at almost 33 years of agwe so much is coming, there is no time for my own personal life yet I am not afraid any more. I stand tall and fearless as much more is coming form the spirit world from within each of us to be spread and shared by all of us. And it is important to share and be attentive for this is not a one's person's task but a collective effort amongst those who are making a personal effort to clear the distortions to hear what is to be done and how.

This is a very empowering time for all of us, citizens of this global village to embrace the calling from our souls and follow loyally the guidence springing from our hearts to bring forward out fruitful actions and become conscious and willing agents of transformation in this world.

If your heart is not ready, willing or interested in receiving these words I do apologize for putting forwards this message but something powerfully has moved my fingers to write this and I have been motivated and inspired to share it with all. I hope you understand!

It is not coming from a place of purity, clarity, love and harmony. It is what I found diving into my heart and losing myself in my soul after a 4 day fast.

Love and peace always!

Veronica Munoz /March /02



I have one home and it is the land.

I have one family and it is all of creation.

I have one path and it is love.

I have one undivided love

and it is the divine in all.

I have one vision and it is global peace and love.


I have one heart and it is guided by the divine.

I have one tongue and it only moves as per the dictates of the of the spirit dwelling within.

I have one mission and it is to deliver the free gift and inspiration of love to all.


I step on one solid soil and it is the earth.

I am blessed by the infinite protection of one massive ceiling which is the sky.

I have one purpose which is to give myself to service for the sake of all.

I have one destination which is to beautify this world

by sowing seeds of compassion, harmony, peace, joy and love.


I have the instrument of love to fulfill this calling.

I have the tool of faith to carry it through.

I have a single sighted vision which only prioritizes

what makes the continuation of the path possible

and the realization of this loving vision for the whole.


I have one essential support and it is the endless loving source of the divine.

My arms and heart are those of a spiritual and universal mother

embracing the world with a huge loving heart.

My children are those willing hearts beating their beauty as they light their inner divine torch.

My footprints are non-physical beams of light

and my only driving desire and biggest pleasure of all is to give and love to all.

I have a the unbreakable power

of an uncontrollable spiritual drive.

I stand tall and strong like a mountain.

I am invincible with a will of iron and an unbreakable shield of light.

I am empowered from the sacred within.

I am moved by the winds of spirit and the forces of in-tuition

guiding my boat through the stormy or calm waters of this ocean of life.

I am determined for I have a vision, charisma, conviction, persistence, perseverance, determination, and a the most loyal willing desire to fulfill the commanding tasks

set as per the mandates of the soul whispering the in and outs of this sacred path.

Love, peace, harmony inner and outer universal beauty shall be my silent badge

the only invisible flag which dances to the winds of optimism and hope for love to conquer it all!

Veronica Munoz March/02


Sometimes we feel discouraged as if nothing of what we do, say or intend to act upon in order to be responsible and caring beings, is enough. Our best of intentions fall us too short and no matter how much we stretch ourselves it would seem as if nothing is enough for so much love and healing is needed at all levels and all places at this crucial moment in time in the history of civilazation to come foward to a new age of love, compassion and integration at a universal spiritual, physical and global level..

Yet once upon asking in confusion as a result of this hopefulness and torment a very dear angel and kindred spirit friend sent this one phrase to me which gave me endless peace to calm my often tormented heart:

"The truth is, too, that it doesn't matter what you do because your radiance will be shining wherever you are and whatever you're doing, even if it's just going through the check-out counter at the grocery store.

You can't fail to make that difference that the love in your heart creates."

The above were his beautiful words of wisdom and believe me if I tell you that they really made a huge difference in the way I related to my life and purpose from that second onwards. He hit the right button when saying that and I looked back in my own life and was able to see all the million of tiny instances when I had dealt with those around me and welcomed them and my given circumstances with an open heart: with truly willing welcome and compassionate heart.. And I could follow and trace back a path of sparkling starts shining the way of love and giving me further faith to know as my friend so wisely put it that each gesture of love, no matter how insignificant it might seem, does indeed count and ripples through the universe and travels far!
We might never know whom we uplifted today just by making eye contact or smiling to somebody in the streets. We can each go out as silent and humble servants of peace shining our light and free-flowing love to all those who cross our path, blessing them with the spirit springing from our direct connection to the source of endless love and compassion, the divine and spirit center of an open heart. In this way we can travel at peace flashing through our wide open and compassionate hearts our inner light and love to all those with whom we come in touch!

Life lived this way is not only beautiful but fascinating and magical, full of surprises each step of the way and our best payment is peace, inner harmony and the love which just keeps flowing form our heart to all those who surround us.

It is love which binds us all together as One. In love we are all the same and there is no separation experienced, no differences but the most sacred and profound integration, spiritual communion and celebration prevails in union instead!.

Live from the heart and your road will transform itself into an endless path of roses each step of the way and you will smell the fresh fragrance of each new and evolving moment with the eagerness and excitement of a child and you will just SMILE: for you experience love towards ALL and it ALL loves you back!

Love and peace always and never forget to enjoy and celebrate the beauty of the ride@


March 10th /02


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A site devoted to living in a compassionate, cruelty-free and loving way