FOLLOWING YOUR INNER PATH: Allowing Life to flow and deliver us its wonderful gifts.


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Since being very young I used to turn to Nature for advice and hints on how to live. Nature has never failed me. If anything I have just failed to learn fast enough to internalize the various teachings which Nature is constantly making available to us.

I used to sit by the lake and I recall picking a stick floating on the water and concentrating on its flowing through rocks and all sorts of obstacles. Somehow, the stick would not resist what came on its way but would just flow along like in a perfect dance with the water. Then, I would wish I could take this example and learn to take all the obstacles life sets on one's way with the same acceptance and easiness of that stick.


I feel that a lot of perfecting the art of letting life flow is not so much in us doing but in us allowing things to be. We have grown up used to thinking that we always have to be in full control and that we always have to be in charge of it all. We get involved in so many activities and endless action that sometimes we do not allow life to flow. In this way, we miss the miracles and wonders being delivered to us right in front of our eyes. The most simple yet essential meaningful things that happen in each perfect encounter, in each smile, in each flower that gives us its wonderful scent, are absolutely free! As a matter of fact, most of the greatest things about life are free! One just needs to be there, right at the evolving present when those things are happening to see them and embrace them as true gifts of life. Unfortunately, very often we are so engaged in our worries, thoughts and daily activities that we forget to pay attention to the essential subtle things that make life such a wonderful gift!

When you can arrive at the present moment and give yourself entirely to your life as it flows, in spite of your fears, in spite of your goals, in spite of the weather, in spite of it all; then and only then, life shines with its most magical and divine splendor. Under this light you can recognize every single thing happening to you at any given moment as perfect. This happens beyond whether you can perceive it or not. Life has wonderful ways of wrapping its presents, but we are so busy looking for the fancy shining light at the end of the tunnel that we miss seeing it right in front of us in the ever-evolving now. So my most sincere suggestion is to look, to pay attention and to stop. You'll too see it and feel it the very moment you let go of your control of things! Right at that moment, your life will have changed in the most miraculous way, yet it will have not changed at all! That's the beautiful and humorous paradox of it all!

If you allow life to happen I am sure that things will evolve in such a way that you will be guided naturally as to what to do or not do. I am sure that things will just give themselves away and approach you on your path leading you to where you are supposed to go. At least my life tends to work very much like that. I try to tune in with my intuition and receive each card that is delivered to me from life and try to figure out where it fits in the whole game appearing in front of my eyes. I really try to take it more and more life a fun game, although it is even better because one can never really lose! The difficulty lies in being patient because usually not all the cards are revealed at once. Information about our path is revealed and comes to us in pieces. Sometimes we are handed a card and it just cannot seem to fit anywhere. Or we meet somebody and we cannot make the connection. Sometimes a while later we look back and understand why the sequence of events had to happen in a certain way and we can see how perfectly connected all the pieces where as they were revealed to us; each on their perfect time and place.

SoI say, have faith! Dive into what life gives you, embrace what is put in your path and the answers to you questions will naturally be revealed to you at the perfect time...
I am not a master of this, but I try more and more to let go of my need to always control and let things naturally and perfectly evolve. We tend to forget that our plans are only human and therefore limited by the restrictions of our fears and minds. The divine ones are infinite and full of endless potential and miracles beyond what we can possibly imagine. Incredible things come our way once we allow the river of life to flow and we release all our inner and outer obstacles.

Nature teaches us that the only absolute is change. Nature shows us that everything is in a constant state of flux and progress. Yet, in our daily lives we want things to be structured and fixed. The truth is that life also abides by the perfect laws of nature; therefore, it abides by progress and change. Change can be a very positive thing when we welcome it with open arms. The important thing is to make sure that as one is walking that ever-changing path, at all moments one is being truthful to one's soul. This is not easy to do. Many times we find ourselves stuck in life circumstances which have grown further and further away from our inner beliefs and from the true feelings springing from our hearts and souls. When this happens, it is hard to make radical changes, but one can gradually and surely start to rearrange one's life to make it regain congruency and consistency with one's inner soul.

So, I would say that trick to let life flow naturally lies in not doing as much. Listening in and tuning in with one's inner wisdom within. We all have access to it, it is sitting for free at the bottom of our hearts. In there we find the inner peace and strengh to do everything that needs to be done or that we are called to do. We all know what is best in all circumstances, we can all act from the center of compassion, we can all choose in all situations love instead of rage or anger or pain. It is our choice to free ourselves to embrace fully our divinity.

From my personal experience I can say that the more I do this, the more I am able to witness magical things coming my way. The more we walk that path which is in full agreement with our heart the less inner conflict we experience and the more joy and fulfilment we can find in simply living. Sometimes, when we feel that our lives are going opposite from our core beliefs and feelings, we can acknowledge that it is time to make readjustments and start heading back to the path of our heart. Following this path back to our soul will again bring our way right circumstances, the right people, the right events and all right things which might seem surprisingly coincidental will magically become part of our perfect path. It takes lots of inner faith to embrace one's inner path fully and in spite of our present circumstances, know blindly that we are heading in the right direction and that all the flowers are going to bloom as we take the necessary steps and actions towards letting ourselves fully walk our talk and thoughts.

I encourage you all to take the road of your heart. It appears to be harder that the traditional road loaded with temporary satisfactions and artificial or superficial gratifications; however, it will lead you to your destiny. It will guide you to your life purpose on this planet and it will reap innumerable fruits of grace for yourself and for your fellow partners in life.

So my wish to you all is: Make it a great life! Make it a life of full service: love, give and smile a lot!

Love and Peace,


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Last revised: August 23, 2000.