Miracle of Life Gift Idea

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  1. This is a very simple gift. All you need is a recycled small flower pot made of cardboard. A little bag with enough organic soil to fill the size of your selected pot and a little plastic bag where to store a bunch of your favourite seeds. For example: wheatgrass, sunflower, alfalfa, etc.

  2. Place the two little bags in the pot-container.

  3. Insert inside a copy of the Miracle of Life Message. You can tie a nice bow around the message or use any wrapping that you wish. This of things you can recycle to wrap with.



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Print the following message and include it with your gift of life!

The Miracle of Life

A gift that puts one to work!

Let these seeds represent our potential for reaching all our innermost goals and for receiving this millennium with nurturing love, kindness and compassion.

By placing these organic seeds in fertile organic soil and then watching them grow you will closely get to observe the unfolding miracle of life present in us all.


1. Soak all the seeds in water overnight.

2. Plant seeds in moist soil.

3. Place the little pot by a window.

4. Water only when soil is getting dry.

5. Wait patiently for the first sprouts to break through the soil in search for the light.

6. Make sure to water as needed and watch them grow.

7. When they have all grown tall and green enjoy them or cut them and eat them in your favorite salad.

Congratulations! You have just participated in experiencing the Miracle of Life. By changing the conditions of these seeds, you have helped them sprout and grow to reach their full potential!


Participating in the Miracle of Life

In the same way that these seeds can grow when exposed to proper and nourishing conditions, we as humans can actively work towards changing our present circumstances so that we can reverse all the ills and sorrows affecting our society and contribute in building a better world. Just like we've done with these seeds, we can all plant our dreams in fertile soil, water them with nurturing love, watch them grow and nourish them with our undivided care and attention. This New Year let's commit ourselves to feeding our dreams with faith and love so that our innermost dreams can flourish and spread their fragrance all around this world.

Let's all do our share in planting our seeds of unconditional hope compassion and love so that we can receive the New Millennium with a renewed commitment to participating responsibly in the Miracle of Life in order to bring the best out of this world.

Let's devote ourselves to achieving peace and joy by making full use of our 'human' condition and by taking action in our lives towards embracing with tender love and care every single Person, all of Nature, the Environment, the Animals, the Earth and our precious existence. In this way, individually and globally, we can join in our efforts to build an equal, cruelty and war free world for us and for all the species living on this planet.

Let's dedicate our lives to cultivating and growing all the seeds

we've brought to this world, so that tomorrow they can become green blossoming trees for all future generations to taste and enjoy!

~ Love and Peace ~

Happy New Millenium!

~ Verónica Muñoz ~

This is a gift made of 100% recycled materials!

This is a gift made of 100% recycled materials!


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This gift idea: The Miracle of Life© and its message above has been created and written by Verónica Muñoz, Toronto, Canada. December 1999©



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All information above is copyright of Verónica Muñoz
Last revised: August 23, 2000.